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Re: Who's missing out? (On "Promotion and advertising" rhetoric)

Graham Christian wrote: View Post

I just posted a this thread designed for those who would like to think, study, recognize.

Nothing wrong with promotion but 'What is the message given by modern advertising and pressure selling?'

Think about it, observe it, recognize.

When you recognize it's unnecessary and passively aggressive we will be on the same page.

Given in the spirit of zen.

Yet you posted this, "Promotion......ahh, gone are the days so it seems where one just promotes what he is doing, happy for those who want to do likewise and happy for those who don't. Minds led this way and that way by the fear of missing out, shame really. As I see it it's just unnecessary fodder for the insecure. Funny thing is it's not even needed."

Again, you do not answer the questions asked:

Modern advertising is all over the place. There is no congruent, fixed "thing" labelled "modern advertising". So again, please detail out what you mean in relation to "a lot of what's being talked about Aikido or Aiki wise has degraded into advertising". You stated "a lot". Please show us the threads, posts, people who are doing all this degrading into advertising.

Would you please define "that you must have and if you don't then you are wrong or less than"? Please point to people or posts.

Who are you calling "insecure"?

You stated that people are degrading because they are talking about advertising or promoting aikido in an unhealthy manner. So, please give us the threads, posts, people where this is happening. If you can't, then please apologize to the aikido community for your denigrating them into insecure salespeople who are driven by fear.