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Re: Two centers making a connection or one- in a bujutsu body?

Your comments about people not being on the same page is truly appropriate. Particularly your recognition that like it or not, get it or not....we are in fact reading the same playbook. This is a major sticking point for many in budo who still erroneously believe that their master teachers were somehow unique in all the world.
We keep pointing out that "the work" we are discussing (Internal strength that produces aiki) is ages old and was taught in several cultures and was the source material for many of the greats. I am intrigued -and continuing to research- to find mounting evidence that it was the source material for a significant number of the giants in budo .
It makes all the more sense considering the effects it is having on modern budo people doing the work. In an of itself the evidence is irrefutable for most budo practitioners of all types, but Aikido in particular becomes troubling- for those who continue to believe their master teacher was unique.
Because he himself kept pointing to the fact that it wasn't his. He cited Takeda and kept quoting Chinese sources and terminology. Terminology that in and of itself was revealing in that it consistently pointed to work that predated Ueshiba. So at a point all people are really saying is "I didn't get educated in this in my budo career."

Two centers or one?
Since the main thrust of the work was in solo training it begs...positively begs the question
"Why develop the center in solo training in the first place?"
what was so important in developing center of yourself?
Why would Sagawa say that AIki was in developing the body through solo training...and only a fool thinks you can get it through techniques?

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
1.Being thrown sounds like fun to me.
2. Extending Ki sounds like basic Aikido principle to me.
3. I have never heard of 'making no connection to anybody' in the realms of Aikido before today.
1. That's fine. Have fun. But, being thrown and liking to be thrown pretty much promises that- as an end result. Even don't want to be thrown-when up against those training NOT to be thrown.
2. Extending ki as an age old model is not the same as is often described here. From what I have seen and read; Tohei meant and actually did -one thing- and just about everyone I have met is doing something different. From what I see and feel, most understand the "model" but can't pull off the balance of yin and yang in one center, therefore they are hopelessly outclassed against someone who trains their center in a more sophisticated manner to retain itself.
3. I know you have never heard of not making a connection with two centers. That's fine too. Have fun with it. It has escaped your attention and education that virtually all of the higher level arts have solo training (including your Master teacher) just for that reason. Exposing your center by connecting will forever leave you vulnerable and reactive. Doing it with people who train UEshiba's way will guarantee...absolutely guarantee that you will lose. This is why Ueshiba stated ...his... way of aiki was to exert your will on others.
I know you do not understand that, that is why he did not cooperate and all of the tales about him were of him doing what??????
He was after all a budo man. Budo men tend to be like that. THat's why their famous and no one else is. No one wants or cares..what the loser...had.
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