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Re: Two centers making a connection or one- in a bujutsu body?

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
I was not responding to what Jeremy was saying.

Though I guess I could ask in what way this type of reflection or mirroring results in connection or unity?
The connection or unity in my experience is that if you are the aggressor and launch an attack you quickly find you have no opening for your attack and quickly find yourself reacting and defending to protect yourself.

The uncanny and disconcerting thing is you don't feel overwhelmed by strength or power or timing, its a feeling that the guy with the bujutsu body is suddenly always one step ahead of you. So you start reacting to make your exit, but its blocked because you're one step behind. You feel like you're stuck or glued and only can exit until its allowed (i.e. your thrown, struck or joint lock) that's the unity and the connection.

It's like if you're running down hill with no control and the bujutsu body guy is controlling the slope of the hill.
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