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Re: More on Aikido and the Floating Bridge of Heaven

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Looking at those clips, you clearly don't understand anything about "stacking" the dantiens...

Not very impressive.
I noticed that this morning, myself. Actually, I felt my dantien alignment correcting itself and it felt very nice and right. And then I thought of the videos I did yesterday and I said, "It didn't feel this way when I did the vids. My mind was really more on the video than on my alignment and I was so involved in doing "the trick" that I didn't get all my elements congruent.

So there's what I mean about incongruence of mind/body/ki.

The body has to be organized correctly.
The ki has to be "on" (ki o tsukete) in the whole body, inhabiting all the connective tissue, muscles and bones.
The mind has to be right there with the ki.

It is all managed within the "closed" system of the "self"--the mind/body/ki.

When they're congruent, they're all doing the "same" thing, together, again like the band analogy, each actually doing different things, none doing "the" whole thing, and all their different doings create the final result. When the elements are congruent, each is doing "only" one thing

If the mind is somewhere else in time and space, it can't manage the harmony of ki and body. The dantiens don't slip into their proper alignment (it's a fairly subtle feeling, so there's no room for the mind to be doing something else. And it's not a big effort for the mind (once the basic alignment is understood). The mind doesn't have to strain. It just has to NOT be anywhere but running with the ki throughout the body. This kind of training seems to have less and less to do with outside matters. When your mind becomes like a fluid that courses through your veins and's different than when it's out flying all over time and space and thinking of all that stuff out there. It's keeping it down inside the body, with the ki, intimately down in every inner turn of the nine crooked paths...not worrying about politics or who said what...and why they were wrong...getting away from all that and cleaving almost heavily to the body...

That's congruence as I'm coming to experience it.

We know the body is "here," definitely.

The mind....well, scientists don't even agree that the mind exists. I say "It thinks. Therefore it am."

But the mind can do more than think and more than perceive. It can generate patterns and then create those patterns in the real world. It can fly through time and space. But when it comes to restraining itself to the nine internal crooked paths of the is like a two-year-old child. It wants to run free and play without boundaries. The body is the ultimate boundary, so the mind tries to escape all that. One way to escape is to create patterns internally and reproduce those, somehow, in the "real world," whether it be techniques, organizations, fights, or arguments. Maybe it's just spreading an idea around among people.

So all that is just the mind running away from restricting itself internally to the body.

However, through ardent efforts in harmonizing the mind and the body (awase), the mind begins not to "generate" patterns but to find them within the self. These patterns are the real originals of which many "known" things are just the shadows.

As the mind body and ki become increasingly congruent, each element begins to pronounce itself in more profound ways.

The body becomes soft but correct. It moves easily but it becomes hard to stop and feels heavy and very solid on contact--even though it does not tense or brace but continues its own natural presence.

The mind becomes very penetrating and clear. It can receive information without being confused by abstraction, knowing, too, when to just brush something off. The mind, too, seems soft, but it can produce very heavy and crushing effect as well as "enlightening" effect. And the enlightening may be crushing and heavy--like Zen teachers bopping their students on the head or Jesus delivering one of his unique snappy comebacks. It can focus with the intensity of a laser beam as needed.

The ki becomes clear and smooth, attaining its own true nature, growing stronger and energizing the body. And it also becomes more subtly aware of the ki of the outer world, able to sense more subtle signals from nature and human beings. But far from making one a wizard, sending his ki out for this and that, the internal training leads one to keep the ki at home, and keep the mind there, too.

When each of these elements of "self" has become fully its own true self, and then these purified elements combine>>>>>>????????

The "self" comprising those pure and natural elements is a very different kind of being than before the training began. This is a person prepared to inhabit the center of Heaven/Earth/Man.

That is the kind of person who can stand on the floating bridge of heaven. The phrase describes not a mythological bridge in the air but an actual physical state, attained by training, that produces powerful results from both mind, body and ki.

So let me see if I can get another video up sometime today.



"That which has no substance can enter where there is no room."
Lao Tzu

"Eternity forever!"
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