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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

O-Sensei was greatly influenced by Daito-ryu. It is said that when he was practicing Daito-ryu he confronted many problems so he tried various other arts including Aioi-ryu before the war. After the war when he resumed practicing in Iwama his aikido had changed dramatically. Even though he had been influenced by Daito-ryu there are many distinct differences between O-Sensei's aikido and Daito-ryu. For example, aikido is taught from hanmi, but hanmi is not taught in Daito-ryu. Neither is kokyuho. Although Daito-ryu has many tewaza (hand techniques), the body movements often clash with the opponent's movement. Daito-ryu does not include the idea of the unity of the sword, jo and taijutsu. These are changes O-Sensei incorporated during the Iwama period. Many Daito-ryu techniques were not particularly effective against an opponent who had been trained even slightly in martial arts. Although there were a large number of techniques, many of them were not that effective.
Several things come to mind here:
  • It is possible the Saito shihan is quoting the Founder here.
  • Saito shihan became the Founders student in 1946. It is likely that what was taught at that time was closer to Daito-ryu (Takumakai?) more than to Aikido some on this thread are now practicing. Maybe closer to Daito-ryu then to Daito-ryu some on this thread are now practicing.
  • Aikisage and Kokyuho. There is some disagreement on this forum (search for Aikisage), if Aikisage - the principal is the same as Kokyuho - the principal.
  • Hanmi. Looking at this: ,it doesn't seem to be a popular stance with Daito-ryu practitioners.
  • This and more has been discussed on e-budo, so have a look "Interview: Saito Morihiro (Aikido) & Daito-ryu":

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