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Andrew Macdonald
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Re: flow, or technique

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Yes agreed.

If your personal learning style and the personal teaching style and process match, and if the prioritized preference for flow or technique match, then the style/school/sensei works for you.

If not, we struggle, change schools looking for one to match, or we change our own learning style, process, and preference.
i agree with this that it is a learning vs teaching style. but it is in Aikido i see another extra wee problem and this is with the non free sparring aspect. whereas in other perhaps more sporting orientated arts you can get in to free sparring from day one, sparring with seniors who know how notto get hurt and more importantly not hurt beginners. From my point of view this is very important for both the student, as they will learn the parts between the techniques (flow) and for the teacher can give them some different material to work with

this isn't a weakness just one way of looking at it

with aikido, i would be very worried about letting a beginner try anything the wanted to throw or even throwing a beginner so it is not really applicable. so in that situation more controlled technique based learning. would be more appropriate but then can take longer to find the flow, but that depends on the teacher i guess
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