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Re: Two centers making a connection or one- in a bujutsu body?

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I'm not particularly troubled if I am on the same page as someone. I do what I do, they do what they do. Although, I have found it interesting that an incredible array of aikido teachers call what I do
No matter. This thread is concerning an approach to higher levels of budo. If aikido-ka want to think that their art is unique in all the world and functions on principles never discovered by man....well....good luck with that.
For everyone else.
This model I outlined is not my own. There is much to be discussed on why "making connect" and the "four legged model is not a good path. I made an opening case, can we discuss my questions?
To me , your questions become abundantly and sufficiently answered with "hands on" and no other way/
And also to be put into words here , would sufficiently alienate 90 percent of the "average"(their problem not yours ) (lack of self contemplation maybe?)
Why am I studying this?
what use is it?
ETC, are basics some people never bother to ask themselves.
I think there was direct transmission break when the founder died(as far aikido is concerned) either by choice or misunderstanding as to where he intended "it" to go. As evidenced by lack of people actually doing this type of work.
Prewar guys (some) got it, not so much after the war, why?
Also, I blame the 60's
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