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Re: Two centers making a connection or one- in a bujutsu body?

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
You have a good day too, Gary. I am not sure how you can tell what page I am on. I am training in a different art than is being talked about on this thread. Dan asked how I tried ...but it was not to be so have fun.

I have trained with people that say that Nikkyo couldn't be done on them...what does that prove? Nothing.
I've done Nikkyo on Dan - that is, he allowed me to do Nikkyo on him. There's nothing wrong with that in a guided course of training.

On the other hand, I would think that it would be a no-brainer that being difficult to manipulate would be of value in a martial situation.

Unfortunately, the ukemi model followed in most Aikido dojo doesn't encourage the development of that skill - and it is a skill, that requires conditioning and training.



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