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Ernesto Lemke
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Re: More on Aikido and the Floating Bridge of Heaven

Thanks for posting David! I had the audio on quite loud the first time around so I was actually startled by your sudden outburst. Cool!
I noticed how you force yourself to take a lot of steps back, as if to either gain balance or dissipate what you generated. Quick suggestion, you may want to try and see if you can keep that connected feel so that when you "push" your whole body away, you stay in tact. I tried it myself just now and the first time around, I ended up much like you did. In my case my focus was mostly on the upperhalf of the body (little bow/unbow of the back). 2nd time I added a connected feel to the legs (bowing) and ended up with a less dramatic effect but more overall stability. More of a little leap.
Well anyway, FWIW and YMMV and so on and so forth...
Thanks for sharing!

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