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Re: Who's missing out?

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I think there was something valuable in the original post. Rather than focussing on being critical of people who promote themselves, maybe you could discuss how to not feel threatened by someone else's self-promotion or difference of opinion? If the thought is re-framed in terms of one's own feelings and reactions rather than externally, it will be less likely to be perceived as an attack. This thread is actually an interesting example of how we (as human beings) manage to suck each other into conflict. It is a skill to be able to resist getting sucked into the conflict (one of the core skills of aikido, IMHO).

If you like, you could treat this thread as a first draft, and start a new thread with a different tone - one that makes a point without pushing buttons (intentionally or unintentionally). Forgive me if I am misunderstanding your original point but I think it's worth a do-over if you are still inclined.
Ha, ha, maybe you are right. Maybe I am guilty of presenting it in an overexuberant way myself.

To me it's a clear concept and thus presenting things from that clarity all together leads to misinterpretation. However, on review if I were to start a new thread it would probably have to be about five new threads for that one concept.

Otherwise I could always use the word I instead.

Broken down the o/p subject is this 1) Promoting what you do only which means putting it there and sharing. 2) Examining the principles behind modern advertising and seeing how they are similar principles to pressure selling. 3) Seeing and understanding those principles finding out where we operate from the same principles, mostly unwittingly. 4) Becoming aware of just how often we do and just how unnecessary it actually is.

Now the point is it's not to do with selling or being a salesman literally so can you tell me an example of when you have operated from such principles 'like' a salesman? I'll give you an example:

I boast about something. At such time I am advertising in said arrogant manner. I am at that time showing the traits described in the o/p.

I say how my Aikido is the Real Aikido or the best Aikido or similar. I am now entering into the same realm of what a pressure salesman does for he too has it, but for him as a job, to prove his product is the best or the real deal. Thus I am acting like a salesman.

Imagine applying this to politics ha, ha. You could end up with a super salesman prime minister or president......ha, ha. Perish the thought.