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I know verbal Aikido isn't macho, but it's very important. Verbal Aikido involves detecting possible violence and deflecting it "verbally" away.

Two times verbal Aikido has saved me.
While standing outside a bar a cop mistook me and my friend for some people who were making alot of noise in the back of the parking lot. He got angry because I wouldn't call him sir. When he raised his nightstick to hit me I shouted "I wouldn't do that My dad's a cop". He stoped in mid-swing. He checked my License and asked me what police force my dad worked for. He told me my dad was going to hear about this incident in the morning then drove away. My friend was dazed and said "Lucky your dad is a cop because he was going to beat your head in". I replied "he's not and never was a cop".

"that's Verbal Aikido"

The second time was when I was working security for a hospital ER. This scumbag had just beat up his wife using a broken wisky bottle. I guess he drove to the hospital to get her not to press charges. When I denied him entry into the ER he got hostile. Just as he was going to strike me I said "Hey! your a friend of my brother right? He took a hard look at me. Then I said "You and my brother hang around with....(I paused waiting for him to fill in the blank) "Danny?" he said. I replied "Yea! Danny I haven't seen Danny for months what's up with him". Truth is I didn't know this drunk at all. I used verbal Aikido to deflect his anger and easly escorted him out of the ER.

I believe verbal aikido to just as important as the physical Aikido.

Paul C.

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