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graham christian
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Re: Who's missing out?

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Would you please define what you mean by " talked about Aikido or Aiki wise has degraded into advertising"? Please point to posts or people.

Would you please define "that you must have and if you don't then you are wrong or less than"? Please point to people or posts. Especially since you've done this kind of passive aggressive insulting before and it's pointed back to me. And now, your post following on my recent posting about what I thought was "wrong" seems very coincidental.

Who are you calling "insecure"?

Your whole post seems like a passive aggressive insult to people here. So, would you mind explaining exactly, specifically, what you meant? Your whole post is about denigrating people who you think are out advertising, rather than talking about history, training, aikido, techniques, etc. Please clarify why that is so.
Point out posts and people? No I will not. I point out a concept and a reality. To understand it one would merely have to look at modern advertising and it's message.

Whether you say something is right or wrong is of no concern to me thank you.

I don't denigrate people thank you.

So back to topic. If you don't understand then study the ways and psychology of modern advertising.

Are you missing out on anything Aikido? Do you think others are? Now that would be more to the point.