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Two centers making a connection or one- in a bujutsu body?

It is very simple to state that of the men known to possess unusual power and skill...they follow known paths; pretty much with the same source material. I keep running into teachers who move and feel like every other Tom, Dick and Harry. No worries, no big deal. I just wonder why we want to spend half a life time training to learn how to.... "feel and move like any other human being we can pull off the street." That seems very odd to me.

Moving the way it is outlined in many threads here -will all have you generating power in such a way that you will be one side weighted and "patterned to be thrown." I suppose that's okay if you want to be able to be thrown and want to fit in to your nage and desire to have him control you. All of that will fit in with the "make connection between two people" and "make a four legged animal" model making a joined center between to people.
In fact making connection between two people as an act is a) to be thrown, or b) to be open to being thrown, by design.

For those desiring to be able to defend their centers while manipulating other's centers-an entirely different way to learn to move the body is in order; one that produces an aiki or bujutsu body. That way, is almost diametrically opposed to the way outlined in many threads and curiously it fits in with other methods known to produce power.... and all while remaining vertical!! Retaining your center and not revealing your center, and not connecting to his center is the way to go.

Were one to wonder how logical what I am saying is:
1. Imagine your life depended on the outcome and you were being told to "make connect" or make a four legged Takeda or Ushiba's center!!
2. How smart of a gambit do you suppose that would be?
3. How smart would you be to open your center up to "making a connection" to my center or trying to make a four legged animal, with me?
It is not a very smart idea, and it is not the way. You will always be open to being controlled, to being late and "reactionary or responding to their movement. It is not the way to exert your will on them as Ueshiba outlined as aiki. When you move with a bujutsu body; they are late, they are reacting and they are open to being owned.

In fact all of the tried and tried budo principles of push when pulled, turn when pushed, pull and quadrant the body, place their weight over the points between their legs forward and back, were designed to throw average people. And most everyone in Budo is beng taught to move like.....average people.
In short:

Takeda, Sagawa, Horikawa, Hisa, Ueshiba. Shioda, Shirata, Mochizuki, Tomiki, Tohei and Saotome were all known to "feel" different....and be devastatingly effective...sans any technique....and could not be thrown.
And what dojo(s)?
Was that once considered...good?
We are being taught
To be thrown
And we are convinced it is grand


If we do not feel like them......
Why not?

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