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Re: 097) Aikido Practice- Collusive? Cooperative? Competitive?: October 2012

Great article.

I tend to stay away from advocating collusion. It has it purposes, but you have identified many of the drawbacks.

Also, competition needs a new PR person because in aikido we instantly stamp competition with a negative stigma. As the old joke says, I don't need to be faster than the bear, just faster than you.

I use a cooperative process in learning technique, often uke is the lead role in such a process. I use a competitive process in practicing movement to refine the interaction. For me, the middle ground is coercion. Coercion is mostly defined as an non-supportive role in a related action. In aikido, waza is usually coercive; that is, uke does not want to fall down, but the actions of nage coerce uke into falling down.

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