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Re: The two body/mind concepts of Japanese Martial Arts.

Kong Seng Yuan wrote: View Post
graham, how do i do the horse stance 'koshi' style. i cannot get the soft sofa feeling, my thighs can't take the position too long. can you go into more detail?
Hi. An unexpected question.

The answer depends on what your purpose is really for what you are actually asking is how to develop Koshi.

As I see it I find many, in fact most of those involved with 'gravity' or 'grounding' type 'Ki' exercises using their center or lowering or dropping center to do so. This is not Koshi. Koshi is a different center.

The standard way for me would be of course a process and thus not something people start off with. In my opinion those who practice weight underside are perhaps unknowingly developing the beginnings of Koshi.

So as you see it's a matter of learning center, one point, weight underside and then developing Koshi.

So secondly it depends on how aware you are of those things mentioned above and how good are you at employing them at what you do. If they are very real to you then I could give a different answer based on your understanding otherwise it may only lead to confusion.

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