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Re: The House of Pain

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
To me its a question of intent.Fujita Sensei could and did put guys through the floor [irimi nage ] but was it deliberate or what?Now if Matt Holland ended up in hospital was he responsible for his own situation [bad ukemi etc] or did Fujita Sensei go out of his way to injure him?Cheers, Joe
Hi Joe,

As I said in my post, I didn't know the details of either occurrence, but yes it would have been interesting to know the circumstance!

As it happens, I have been injured by a Hombu Shihan myself in recent years. He applied sankyo on me just the once while he was walking around the class - I felt something give way in my wrist, and as a result I was unable to lift a full saucepan with my left hand for two or three months afterwards. This is a shihan with powerful, quick technique, and I had already been taken by surprise by his dynamic shihonage finish, although I didn't feel that I was in any danger in that case. I think that on this occasion I was injured partly because I was out of practice receiving this particular (I call it "old-fashioned") way of putting on sankyo. As you say, it is very much a matter of intent - I do feel that a 7th Dan shouldn't be causing injuries simply because his middle-aged uke can't move fast enough.

With the teachers I prefer, this situation is far less likely to happen, since for me sankyo (for example) is primarily a balance control, much less a wrist control. For instance, I have been following Kanetsuka Sensei for thirty years now, and even though his techniques are undoubtably powerful he has never caused me any injury beyond a nosebleed ("Wake up, Alex!").


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