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Re: Odd question.

Google up some Dr. Death, John LaTourette. He is local to me. He and his students can "hit a man a hundred times in a minute". He is semi-retired-ish, but runs (through his son and a couple of his students) a secret invitation-only can't drop in and watch, must call first and we wont give you the number but we advertise on Craigslist, hidden (at 1128 Court St, Medford, Oregon) dojo. The only way to join is to be invited, by giving your name, phone number, and email address on their website and waiting for them to call you and give you your free $200 value training package.

This: and
OMG, We hit our sticks together so much mine broke from your awesome kungfu. OMG, look at my hummer in the other video. OMG, only 2 spots left in our sexy 3000 sf dojo! Email us NAOOOOO!

This is the crap our area is full of. This is why I worry about lineage. This is why I check everybody in the area out....

So, no nafudakake. Didn't think so. Yeah, I know, arguing on the internet.....