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Re: Well, this is pretty cool.... (Aikido group for 55-75 year old women)

Krystal Locke wrote: View Post
You neglected to mention that nage has poor posture
Correct (and we are all learning), though I don't think throwing posture is as important as how to fall, especially with older people. Seniors often take a turn for the worse (otherwise known as death) after a nasty fall. Not necessarily immediately, but it starts downward spiral. My point was and is if seniors are going to learn aikido (later in life), they better master basic ukemi FIRST. I think this applies to everyone but the older don't have luxuries younger people have for making mistakes.

It was perhaps overly critical and perhaps this single picture isn't representative of their practice. But there were only two pictures in the article and I assumed the two chosen were representative.

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