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Re: the sphere of motion

Ewen Ebsworth wrote: View Post
Not sure whether this should go in this forum or in the techniques forum but one of my instructors, the head sensei of my wednesday dojo, has been teaching me just recently on the importance of motion. Now this struck me as being related to the more aiki part of our art as he explained about keeping a person off posture through constant motion. Now our two arts look quite different in practice at times and there is an emphasis within AJJ on small circles.The specific techniques that have been used as examples are kote gaeshi, shodan, nidan and yondan. So I wondered, in Aikido does the sphere of motion get smaller the more advanced you become? In other words when dealing with circular motion how large are the circles created and what is the reasoning behind applying techniques in this way?
Dear Ewen,
There is a time /place and situations where both types of motion are acceptable.Its a question of the relationship between uke /tori.It may well be that you ned to exercise a small movement eg ai hamni nikkyo. In others movemenys like kata dori shomenuchi the tai sabaki may well be larger.So I do not say that one method is superior to the other.Large /small circularity motion is acceptable. Joe.
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