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Re: Tanomo Saigo & Asayama Ichiden-ryu: The Forgotten Roots

Maxwell Hamzah wrote: View Post
We, Aikidoka, must respect Takeda Sokaku and Daito-ryu as the precursor of O'sensei and Aikido. It is no public secret anymore that should O'sensei didn't learn Daito-ryu from Sokaku, we could never find Aikido as we practice today. Sokaku is the disseminator and at the time, indeed, he had the highest Aiki ability.

We Aikidoka annd Daito-ryu practitioners all give credit to Takeda Sokaku as the disseminator of Daito-ryu. That's not wrong at all, it's a fact instead. But do we ever realize who's the real man behind the dissemination of Daito-ryu to the general public?

Now, I should say that we must give credits to Tanomo Saigo, who was the last Lord Retainer of the Aizu-han and teacher of Sokaku himself. It is Tanomo, who directed Sokaku to disseminate Daito-ryu to the general public. It is comprehensible that Tanomo didn't teach like Sokaku did, as we could know, that at the time Tanomo advised Sokaku in around 1898-1900, Tanomo had already reached near the end of his life, while Sokaku was still relatively young. Should Tanomo didn't direct Sokaku to disseminate the art, Daito-ryu could still remains a secret martial art!

Now, if talking about Asayama Ichiden-ryu, lots of Daito-ryu practitioners will raise their eyebrow if they listen to the rumor of "Asayama Ichiden-ryu is the sister art of Daito-ryu". But let's face this thing: both Tokimune and Takeda Sokaku used Asayama Ichiden-ryu as the basis/model to devise the Daito-ryu syllabus and waza we learn, so I think it'll be never wrong to say that Asayama Ichiden-ryu is one of the ancestor of Daito-ryu!
Maxwell, I can tell that English is not your first language and that's okay, it should not disqualify you from joining the discussion here.

It seems like you are saying that Asayama Ichiden ryu is the predecessor to Daito ryu. That's an interesting thought, but for this conversation to continue we'd really need you to tell us why you think this.

Do you practice Daito ryu and Asayama Ichiden ryu? Then you could share your thoughts on how the techniques, principals, training methodology, or kata are similar. Do you have documentation to support your claim? Do you have youtube videos to discuss? Is it simply that you have seen demonstrations of both arts and found them similar?

Any of these would be a fine way to kick off a thread. But you have to back up your assertions with...SOMETHING.
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