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Re: Tanomo Saigo & Asayama Ichiden-ryu: The Forgotten Roots

Maxwell - I've read that assertion before, but I've never seen any documentary evidence. What proof do you have of any connection between Daito-ryu and Asayama Ichiden-ryu?
1. Are there any proven connections regarding waza?
2. Are there any proven connections regarding the construction of the curriculum (ie., Daito-ryu mokuroku constructed in the same pattern or using the same waza names?)
3. Who (Sokaku or Tokimune) actually did this? Did either one of the men simply take an Asayama Ichiden-ryu mokuroku and copy it's "design?" Or did one or the other man consult with Asayama Ichiden-ryu practitioners?

NOTE: all the assertions I've read about this connection have to do with the construction of the mokuroku, or copying of technique names or methods. I've never read or heard of any connection asserted re internal training, so, unless such an assertion is made, for the love of all that's holy under the heavens, can we not go sideways into the "Aikiwars?"

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