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Re: More on Aikido and the Floating Bridge of Heaven

...musubi with the walls around you, as if you were tied with ropes in the six directions and couldn't be moved in any direction because the ropes are taut in every direction. You could relax completely, in that case, and no one could move you... assuming your body didn't get shredded....

This is also what I mean by "magnetically oriented to the six directions."

So you see what I mean about the "mental" side, right?

You start thinking like this and you'll know you're going somewhere, all right. But the white coats tie a little differently in there...

Seriously, though, I've been thinking about that a lot lately.

Anyway, my mind adheres more closely with my body now, than ever, and my body feels completely at ease, most of the time. And in times of heavy stress, I've developed a lot of capacity for dissipating that stress through the whole body, so that both mind and body carry stresses more evenly and with less strain, making me able to go on and on in a tough situation while staying fresher and more alert, more mobile and adaptable. And also freer with my mind so that I don't mind imagining any possibility.

I just don't come to any particular conclusions in any kind of hurry. You can hurt yourself doing the IP stuff if you don't know what you're doing, and part of that is being in too much of a hurry, so I don't get too fanatical about anything I'm not sure of. I'd rather understand it little by little than suddenly make great progress toward a stroke...

It has been known to happen.

I mainly post, as I've said before, to get feedback from people who really do understand, since it's difficult to get out and travel, having a seven-year-old and all...

I hope to get a couple of video clips online this weekend, among all the other stuff going on...

Best to you.


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