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Re: 097) Aikido Practice- Collusive? Cooperative? Competitive?: October 2012

I think that you painted the situation really clearly.

and still the ongoing issue in Aikido remains, how do physically fit people with a serious interest in martial art, practice with hobbyists ..... with middle age, out of shape, 1X a weekers etc..., and who don't have much interest in, or physical ability to, experience a lot of discomfort, let alone risk. It does leave those who want a higher level of intensity and physicality frustrated.

I recently started tai chi at a school that does it for fighting (by which I mean that the training is oriented to fighting, and some students go and fight in open tournaments, both push hands and Sanda) ...but the majority do only the form, and then those who are interested can learn the rest, in varying degrees. like a boxing gym where only some people have real fights and others just like to train.

but that doesn't work so well in Aikido where we all train together. it's a big question!

I don't know that fighting in tournaments is the answer that most aikidoists want, but what other is there?

at the tai chi school they certainly do think that fighting in tournaments with people from other styles, is the best way to test your training. they also say it's the best way to learn, that even losing is good because you learn.


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