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Re: More on Aikido and the Floating Bridge of Heaven

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When I look at that model now, I don't see it as I did before. It looked like what I thought the process was at the time, but since then, and since reading the floating bridge material and working with those ideas, this model appears as a general abstraction of principles of stress in a cylinder...only abstractly related to the human body. And when you try to relate it to Ueshiba's statements about amenominakanushi, the relevance of this model to me just disappears.
Correct. It has no relation to Ueshiba's (well other arts as well) model of spiral movement whatsoever. That model will not work, and it expresses a profound misunderstanding of an age old method. When asked to name someone with extraordinary power who uses it...people come up empty. It is and will remain unvetted by extraordinary people- simply because it doesn't work.

I am kindly trying to challenge all of us to be more strict in our analysis. We should be chasing or embracing ideas and theories from people who feel different from everyone else in a given sample of martial artists. Our goal should be to be above...average. So, I am chasing a model that is both old and vetted for making Budo giants. To make people -above- average. To create a bujutsu body that stops everyone and is -as Ueshiba stated...the birthplace of technique.
Ueshiba's model, simply works. Moreover it is vetted in history, and it being vetted by Martial artists who are also Doctors, Chiropractors and Physical therapists around the world. It birthed Takeda, and Ueshiba, and Sagawa, and the founders of also birthed the greats in the Chinese arts and warriors in India. I'll stick with the winner, which down through the ages excelled and easily handled the people seeking....normal movement.
Unfortunately, it seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Today, just like before, the majority still cannot even conceive that their might possibly be a different way to move than what they...and their teacher know. Yet that is WHY these men excelled in the past.
I want us to embrace our own history and methods and for ALL of us to excel and raise the bar!! And to have fun doing it.
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