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Kent Enfield wrote:
錬士 renshi. Same ren as in renshū.

教士 ky˘shi. Same ky˘ as the ky˘shi in the article.

範士 hanshi. Same han as shihan.
Kent, thanks for clearing that up.
Jun Akiyama wrote:
The characters for shihan [師範] that I had in mind aactually does have the han [範] character which can mean "example." It's the same "han" as in "hanshi" as Kent pointed out above.
Yes, but the character for shi that you use means "teacher," and I thought the point of your original post was that none of the characters in shihan or sensei directly refer to teaching. In fact, with hanshi, this claim is true, as the first character means "example" and the second means "gentleman." This is why I came to the conclusion that you were thinking of the chraracters in that word.

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