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Bruce Baker
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The other consideration of sending the energy past an uke, or in a direction that allows uke to feel only a small percentage of ukemi, is that the nage can work on increasing the natural flow of energy without injuring their partner.

How many times have you used too much energy and nearly caused an injury? I am way over one hundred and headed for a thousand count if I was to really think about it.

So why couldn't this consideration of Aikido without ukemi, or in my mind, turning the energy back to uke to be absorbed or transferred, be aimed slightly off the uke to give them a glanceing blow but allow you to practice increasing energy flow?

It was just a thought that occured to me in allowing a totally unrestricted form with only a couple of degrees of refraction to lesson the effect of force upon an uke.

Think about it, try it and see if it removes some of the restraint in your practice while relieving the uke of some responsibility, especially when they are injured.
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