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Re: Most common attacks against women? Self defense class research

Rebecca Sargent wrote: View Post
Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone can refer me to statistics and info about most common attacks against women, both domestic and 'in the street' (incl. workplace, car, etc.).
I'm doing some research for my dojo's new self-defense class, and we would like some ideas about common attacks so we can work some 'reality' into the course... keep in mind that I'd prefer to cite references/stats.

Hi Rebecca,

I think the best place to get good stats are, as others have mentioned, local personal safety organizations (NPOs), domestic violence / rape crisis and response centres and the local police or even the RCMP.

One of the better resources on the issue of crimes against women in canada is the Canadian Women's Foundation -

Statistics Canada also has some good info here -

I also run a very successful Women's Personal Safety program in the GTA in Ontario. We have a a lot of free resources available online that you are welcome to. This information helped me when I was developing our program as well. If you're interested check out and click on the Documents section.

Besides thinking about common attacks you may want to do some research on the victim selection process typically used by predators. This gives a lot of insight into the typical attack scenarios since there is a progression from victim selection to engagement to type of attack.

If you want any more details on how we developed the program please PM me.


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