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Aikido "Sonno Joi"

First of all guys, as an aikidoka, I'm saying this doesn't mean I wish to defect from Aikido. Ever since my enlightenment began, I never and will never lose my respect of O'sensei, his teachers and their teachings, including his disciples that have struggled to preserve his original teachings and/or even make it better. I feel that it's just my personal duty to tell this message to you all so that we could bring back the Aikido that O'sensei really meant including making it better, so that no one, not even one from the Daito-ryu CS would ridicule us!

Now let's begin:

We all know that in Aikido training, "flashback training" by learning Daito-ryu is considered as important. It's just common sense. But as we know also, not all of our sister, even ancestor arts, are willing to accept us open handedly. Including in this case is, Sagawa.

I'm not meaning to raise a conflict or so what, but I simply can't erase Sagawa from our discussion here to promulgate the "sonno joi" of Aikido, ever since Sagawa Yukiyoshi himself claimed to possess the Aiki even higher than Sokaku as O'sensei teacher himself, yet maintained the most comprehensive curriculum, since he's one of the first direct disciple of Sokaku even before O'sensei, other Daito-ryu shihans, even his own son began training.

OK, let's face that the Sagawa-ryu has the most complete curriculum and has high capability of Aiki, which shouldn't we disregard. Especially, given to the fact that the Sagawa-ryu has some major defectors from aikido! The Soke now, Kimura Tatsuo, also is a former aikidoka who used to train under Seigo Yamaguchi-shihan which we indeed highly respect because of his powerful and creative skills, even he also used to train under O'sensei!

To make things worse, their autarky also ridiculed Aikido and O'sensei! They even refused to acknowledge O'sensei! While that could been possible that O'sensei had a lesser capability if compared to Sagawa during the pre-war, but we do know that O'sensei did used to dodge bullet, while Sagawa haven't. They put down on us because of the reason that our skills in Aikido are crappy!

Also,let's face the fact that virtually, none of O'sensei's students are following his Aikido, as this words often came from not only Daito-ryu but also fellow Aikidokas. But if we are ridiculed as "crappy", I'm sure that we must prove that Aikido is not crappy at all!

Personally, I haven't experienced the Iwama Aikido, where many ronin Aikidokas suggest it as a good sanctuary for us in searching for O'sensei's original teachings instead of going to other arts and being ridiculed or worse, defect from from Aikido. But I think that'd be a good option for us Aikidokas who wish to restore the glory of Aikido without being afraid to be "brainwashed" and even ridiculed by other schools.

Here's the thing: O'sensei and Sagawa are both students of Takeda Sokaku. We basically shouldn't put down each other. If there's a hawk ridiculing us, I think we need the serum, the another hawk for fightback. And I believe that Iwama-ryu is a good hawk to counter-balance Sagawa. How do you think about this?
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