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in september i went to a seminar, and we were practicing shihonage, now when i was paired off with one student we were going fine getting the extention on and doing good shihonage, nice cuts down the spine but we were taking it slowly so as not to kill anyone. then my turn to be uke so i attack and i'm wrenched out he twists quick and cuts down my arm was no where near my spine i had to throw myself backwards to stop my arm being ripped off i could have turned out of it but to be honest before this post i've never done it, i pulled a ligament in my shoulder and had to miss some Jo shihonage's which were really kewl and then i had to go easy on my shoulder for the rest of the afternoon mostly lefty attacks.

in retrospect his shihonage wasnt all that bad (he was 5th kyu) but when he turned he let off all the extention so my arm instinctively bent this helped with the pain when he cut and although i tried to pull it in to my neck it was too late he was already forcing me down so i went like a sack of spuds.

one thing our sensei teaches is to keep the hand in front of your face as you turn thus keeping the extention on.



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