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Re: Wrist Fusion vs. Replacement vs. Proximal Row Carpectomy

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
I'm not sure if it is used in the smaller joints but it is certainly worth asking!

They are starting to tinker around with that... You have to look around and find some of the cutting edge ortho places that are quietly doing that stuff. I haven't heard of any outcome data. Given the few good choices out there, if I had the money to spare, that is a no harm, no foul kind of thing. The worst that can happen is that you are back to square one, with less in your wallet..... Luckily for me, my body has not degenerated to that level. I work too damn hard on trying to stay in one piece these days...



ps- will be in napa valley this coming weekend. Need to work on preserving my liver..... .
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