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Re: Wrist Fusion vs. Replacement vs. Proximal Row Carpectomy

Stelios Papadakis wrote: View Post
strange... x-rays cannot show soft tissue. are you sure your doctor "read" the x-ray correctly? did you have an MRI? an MRI would give analytical detail of what is going on, nothing close to the vague idea given by an x-ray.
I am not a fan of surgery-first and I am a strong believer in alternative therapies. Having said that...the aikinurse says
1. the gold standard for diagnosis of osteoarthritis remains the cheap, easy X-ray, assuming the body/joint is positioned at the correct angle. You don't have to see soft tissue to find the bone on bone, subluxation and joint spurs of osteoarthritis.
2. I see a real difference between surgical procedures of limited to no documented benefit (like scoping and "scraping" or "removing debris from" arthritic knees) and actual joint replacement, which in the case of significant longterm pain and disability can be a real quality of life enhancer

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