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Re: Process or Result

Many be a part, claim or earnestly desire to share in his process, but if they cannot do the simple foundational things that did, what does that mean about being part of or understanding his "process?"
At what point does someone who: feels like any other person, who cannot explain the things he said...still be able to credibly state they share his process?
Have you considered that many have been seeking a different process entirely and don't even care about his process?

His process -once we got past the myth making and obfuscation of the aikikai was defined.
Further, once we look at the new translations of what he actually said-his thoughts on how to achieve aiki-were laid out as well.

This will help
1. Ask someone to explain them-in simple terms.
2. Ask to feel them-without allowing them to use waza- see if they feel like any other person.

Go find someone who can explain the things he said, and who actually feels different than normal people. You will reduce your search area dramatically.

Simple examples:
What does Ueshiba's definition of releasing the mountain echo mean?
When asked: many stated that when they escorted Ueshiba on to the mats in his old age he felt soft and had sagging old man muscles. Yet, when stepping onto the mat, it was like he inflated and he was hard as iron.
Can they do that?
Can they explain it?

If we allow ourselves to examine these things in a neutral fashion-truly seeking his process-certain conclusions are unavoidable, and a new hope for Aikido once again taking it's place as his art and his process, will have it emerge as it once was in his of the most powerful arts the world has known.
I believe it is within our grasp to do so, but first you have to get people to care about and agree on-his process, in it's fullness.

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