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Re: Wrist Fusion vs. Replacement vs. Proximal Row Carpectomy

Thank you for your comments !

I had an MRI on the wrist two years and at that point in time there was indication of soft tissue loss. The new x-rays showed bone resting on top of bone with no spacing, an indication of no soft tissue between. There is also bone degeneration on the radius. I saw a hand therapist after the wrist surgery two years and they had commented on the overall condition.

My grip and forearm strength is extremely good from a lot of wrist exercises and power-putty use over the years.

In class this morning, I did a 'boxer-style" taping as recommended by the Dr. and also immobilized it last night while sleeping and was pain free today. Although, I taught class this morning so, it wasn't a real test

Marc, that is brilliant !! I've heard of people using grown cartilage in their knees...didn't dawn about the wrist. I will check this out

But, for now....taping and Aleve....
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