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Re: Wrist Fusion vs. Replacement vs. Proximal Row Carpectomy

Neal Earhart wrote: View Post
Essentially, the x-rays showed no cartilage left..
strange... x-rays cannot show soft tissue. are you sure your doctor "read" the x-ray correctly? did you have an MRI? an MRI would give analytical detail of what is going on, nothing close to the vague idea given by an x-ray

Neal Earhart wrote: View Post
Wrist fusion, joint replacement of the wrist, or proximal row carpectomy with fascia lata interposition....
with all due respect this is utter nonsense and will lead to more problems down the road of your life.
go see an expert manual therapist who deals with the human body using all his love and soul. wrist problems, frequently, (too frequently to be accurate) are connected with problems in the neck area, upper back area, chest/rib cage area. Nerves seldom get trapped inside the carpal tunnel (which, in contradiction to what most people believe, is not located where the watch is worn but in the area 1-2 inches down the arm) and, from what you are saying, i would go and check the scalene muscles for trigger points and irritation first.
Joint degeneration (loss of movement range, loss of muscle tone and mass) can all be leading to suspects in the neck area. Please check this out before you go under the knife.
best of luck
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