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Re: Why/Why Not Seminars?

There are four annual seminars I attend each year when able. I typically try to hit up one or two additional seminars that are not a constant annual occasion, such as guest instructors from other styles, or just extra 'small' seminars such as inviting senior instructors from our, or other, organizations. I have friends that regularly attend 5-7 seminars a year..but that is because they teach multiple martial arts. My one friend attended seven seminars last year...three of which he tested for a dan rank in (sandan aikido, nidan iaido, shodan judo)! Man, that was an expensive year for him!

forgot the 'why' portion of the question.

I attend a Summer aikido seminar but on by my international aikido organization at their headquarters. I attend a fall seminar put on by our national organization at their headquarters (was this last weekend, actually...I am still sore from it!). I attend an aikido instructors seminar for our national organization. I attend my national organization's annual judo/jujitsu seminar. My dojo tries to bring in a guest instructor once or twice a year just for fun...this is usually a 'lighter' seminar, since it doesn't involve long travel, hotel rooms, and only last 1.5 - 2 days, vice the longer 2.5 day seminars for our annual events (which also require travel, hotels, etc). Other than the obvious reasons that its kind of good for our national and international head instructors to get eyes on us at annual and instructor seminars, I also simply love being around such great people and teachers! My first major seminar was our Fall aikido seminar...sometime around 1999 or so. This is when I made aikido a permanent part of my life and part of who I am. I don't think I knew it at the time, but looking back that's where I identify that happening. I always learn something, everyone seems to train at an elevated level, and we always emphasize 'off the mat training' (nothing like being thrown around by an 8th dan on Sunday mornings while I have a hangover!).

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