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Re: Judo first?

Oisin Bourke wrote: View Post
He taught that "unhurried timing" is an important aspect of judo and of life as a whole.
I was just thinking about that kind of thing just before I read that.

I was thinking how people are so often in a hurry to get to the end of things and the one who can keep patience can often capitalize on the mistakes the other makes in haste, whether it be judo or legal cases or whatever.

Danny DaCosta also posted similar comments in an article on his blog by Alan Ruddock, who had trained with O Sensei, saying that you don't want to just whirl right through a technique but make your entry and don't continue until you feel the opponent's intent moving where you want it to, then you enter the second phase in that direction. Then you feel his intention shift before you go to the next part and so on.

It's a little tricky to read since it's sometimes DaCosta quoting Henry Kono quoting Alan Ruddock, so read carefully. Well worth it.


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