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Re: Wrist Fusion vs. Replacement vs. Proximal Row Carpectomy

Neal Earhart wrote: View Post

Has anyone had one of the wrist surgical procedures and are still practicing aikido (or iaido, for that matter) ? If so, what have been your experiences ?

Wrist fusion, joint replacement of the wrist, or proximal row carpectomy with fascia lata interposition....

Thank you !
Neal, sorry to hear about the problems. I shattered my left wrist about 13 years ago, multiple surgeries, plates, bone grafts, screws and whatnot and I was left with a legacy of severe arthritis, nerve damage, and very bizarre muscle cramping. My right wrist sounds a bit like yours, although not nearly as far gone, since I do still have some cartilage left. And honestly, Aikido has been the best thing for both of these. I'm not sure what style of Aikido you do, but in our style we do Tohei Sensei's Aiki Taiso exercises before the waza for every class. Those have been incredible for my wrists, not to mention the original intent of learning better aiki movement. My pain has decreased dramatically, even if it's not fully gone, and I've actually got more use of my left wrist than I did prior to Aikido.

Basically, you're going to be in pain regardless. There is just no way around that. But Aikido should actually help pain management in the long run from my experience.

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