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Re: Judo first?


Glad you enjoyed the interview. I"ve never practiced judo, but, like you, I think other budoka could gain great insight from practicioners such as Mochizuki, Mifune and Kano. They were great martial artists and highly educated men; a credit to the traditional educational ideal of the "whole person", something sorely lacking in our world, IMO.

I found these quotes especially interesting for expressing deep stuff in unpretentious terms;
He taught that "unhurried timing" is an important aspect of judo and of life as a whole.

"In a match, if a contestant thinks of some technique to try on an opponent, his idea will be detected out by the latter and will cause his failure. This is because his idea is fixed on one point, which hinders his free action." (Ibid, p. 30)

He also points out that a technique never exists in the abstract but at a specific moment in time.

"However the center of gravity of an object or the center of a form cannot be in existence before hand, but it comes into existence (only) the moment when an object or form is fixed." (Ibid, p. 29)

Something to ponder the next time you're on the mat!
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