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Wrist Fusion vs. Replacement vs. Proximal Row Carpectomy

I've been having right wrist pain for sometime. Today, I went to the orthopedic wrist and hand specialist. Essentially, the x-rays showed no cartilage left...basically, bone on bone. Now, I had this wrist scoped about two years ago to relieve some arthritis issues with the capitate bone. But, the joint has really degenerated.

The doctor has suggested several options, none of which have to be immediately done. But, as the pain worsens beyond where medications and taping of the wrist are beneficial, there are surgical options.

Has anyone had one of the wrist surgical procedures and are still practicing aikido (or iaido, for that matter) ? If so, what have been your experiences ?

Wrist fusion, joint replacement of the wrist, or proximal row carpectomy with fascia lata interposition....

Thank you !
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