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Re: M: Maai, Metsuke, and Musubi

Jon Reading wrote: View Post
Personally, I have no problem with "steal the technique". I think a flaw in that teaching is that we have a competency gap in which the student is unable to comprehend what is happening, and therefore cannot "steal" anything.
Yes agreed.

I didn't/don't always know what it is I am supposed to "steal"/get until some one points it out to me.

I stole a lot of worthless stuff thinking it was of value only to hear "no, not this, this" and feeling the difference from being on the receiving end.

I especially find it useful to have the mental definition/description (not a lecture) to direct the physical training.

I have gratitude and appreciation for all those who help point the way for my body and my mind.

Thanks for the conversation.

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