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Andrew Macdonald
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Re: abusive sensei

oh i am so out of style i didn;t real push your limits was a buss word

anyway,i think people should be pushed and be bumping up against a challenging situation not everyday but sometime training should test you not just in a grading. otherwise how can you find out what you are capable of.

some teachers are not capable of this, others try to do it the wrong way and a few actually really really good at helping people develop. i think in my life itme i have met 2 such teachers.

Challenge is not always about pain however, in fact i wuld argue that it is seldom about pain if ever. for a overweight shy kick a challenge could be getting on the mat, a good teacher should be able to identify that, some thefirst time they are called up as uke in front of the clas for others maybe it would take an extended period of randori to challenge them.

i guess it is the amount that the teacher gets personally invested in their students. as a younger teacher of another art all i would see was faceless gi, and go through the motions f what i thought the class sould be doing. as an older an hopefully wiser person, when i get the oppurtunity to teach i hope that i have more sensitivity to the challeneges of each of the students
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