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Dealing with sudden fear

Hi all...

It's been some time since my last post. I just passed my blue belt exam and seeing the half way mark. Aikido is life long, but technically, it's a half way mark........

Anyway.....I was asked to teach a class in my dojo while Sensei and the others are away at a seminar. I thought I had a plan, but it changed when I had a funny dream last week. Basically, the dream was me walking a girl home and this creep came out of nowhere and walked right up and dug into her purse, like I wasn't even there.

The impact of the dream was how I felt during the experience. I was confused and there was that thing they call "the two seconds of fear". I think this is a great subject to emphasize for the class. Mostly, when we train, we know what's about to happen because we've been prepared for the attack, but I realize that a sudden situation has many possibilities, and add to that the biological chemical reaction like adrenaline.

I wanted to know if the community here can offer some techniques that deal with fear and spontaneity. I had these things in mind:

- Blindfolded technique. Mostly from simple grasps.
- Evasion from two pursuers
- Basic Taisabaki
- Perhaps something about an imaginary circle that is crossed where one knows to engage.

I got a little insight from here on fear from:
The Role of Fear

Fear and Shaking

Anything else that someone can add to this? I need techniques specifically, but philosophy of fear and Aikido would also help.

Thanks in advance and I can't wait to hear your thoughts!


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