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Re: Did aikido ever fail you?

Andrew Macdonald wrote: View Post
ok not a practical situation but i know of someone who aikido has failed completely

even though she has stuided for quiet a while and achieved a dan grade (nidan) she seems ot have learned nothing along the way. she is self obessed, lack communication skills, and is intolerant of people who learn a little slower when she is taking the class. which luckily isn;t often due to her job.

In this instance i feel that aikido is failing her, what has she got a bunch of techniques that she can admittedly do well but nothing else. and remians unable to function well in normal society becaus eof her attitude towards people. she spends her time hiding in the dojo and wearinher hakama like a suit of armour.

we should be getting more out of our practice than just movement
I think in order to get "more" out of training a person has to have a desire for and be perusing self improvement. I would not say that aikido has failed this person. You cannot change someone who does not want to change. You can't make a person want to change.

For me aikido has bee a wonderful to and help in improving myself as a person and enriching my life and it has had a profound effect. But only because I was searching for that in aikido. I wanted it and I was ready for it and willing to face the sometimes extremely difficult work it would require. Not a lot of people are willing to do that.

Having just finally gotten to nikkyu and seeing what I had to go through personally
emotionally and mentally in order to make that step. I can now appreciate more why so many people either quit training or simply do not wok on that aspect of their training.
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