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Re: flow, or technique

Fast forward to when I was teaching my own class in a YWCA (co ed class though) the next town over from our main YMCA dojo which wasn't able to reserve enough days due to more and more types of programs wanting the rooms.....

Mario's post reminded me of a type of class I taught from time to time that I called "The Star Wars Bar Scene". Since this was a Y class, I used that fact to use examples from daily life or even pop culture to get concepts across.

There wasn't any music, I hasten to tell you, and it wasn't a literal reenactment of the movie scene, but, yes, I had the students line up slouching against the mirrors in the room we were renting one class a week, as if at a bar, and it helped that the class was an hour and a half, so we could do the warmups and other techniques too.

One by one they were to attack the student standing in front of them several paces away.

For the first go-round, I instructed the person attacked to wave his or her hands a bit, as if flustered and not knowing what to do. Then the next time, the person was told to allow the attacker to push the (diagonal) shoulder, to sense what the push would feel like, the direction, if you will. Then next time to step back and let the arm pass by, and then the back of the neck appear and to hold it gently, turning so that the movement of uke and nage formed a U turn, still with the attacking arm leading forward and nage having redirected the attack so that uke is returned to the "bar" where the others are still, presumably, slouching as I said before.

"Here, have another beer, you'll feel better."

Or sometimes I suggested Ginger Ale.... but I hope this reflected the concept of resistance training leading up to ki no nagare in a way people who just dropped in to class might understand. I had a lot of opportunities to "play" with various concepts having a good mix of new and old students.

Thanks again, Mario, now I will go back to studying your post and the others on this excellent thread.

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