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Re: Did aikido ever fail you?

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There's a semi-famous story about an Aikidoist who was stabbed and killed. This was in New York and I believe it was in the 60's. The guy found a kid around or in his car. The guy, a 3rd dan, confronted the kid and the kid did what you do with knives.

I know of another Aikidoist here in the Bay Area who was attacked in bed by her boyfriend and killed. She was very much a beginner from what I know.

No fights nor even serious possibilities since I've been doing this stuff.
Way late with a response to this but... If Erik is referring to the NYC story that I am familiar with: 1. It happened in the 70's or early 80's; and 2. He was karateka yudansha, engaged to or dating an aikidoka yudansha at a dojo I used to train at. Nothing to do with aikido skills or lack thereof. An American aikido san-dan, in NYC in the 60's? Not too sure about that...
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