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Re: Judo first?

Richard Stevens wrote: View Post
I've been in a handful of physical confrontations and it was my Judo background (and a little luck) that kept me from incurring serious injuries. I love the training I do now, but when push comes to shove my first instinct is to get inside, grab some clothes and send ass over head.

If you're end goal is to practice Aikido, just start training. If you feel like something is missing then cross-train in another art.
Dear Richard,
I think you first instinct to get close to a potential attacker is not too clever.By getting close to a person this allows the would be assailant an opportunity to attack you.What would you do if a knife was involved?Judo is good , however the combative distance is too near.The minute you get near [within arms length] you immediately become vulnerable to kick/punches/knee in the groin and the Glasgow Kiss[head butt].
My own personal strategy on being faced by an angry chap is to be all sweetness and light and at the same time check out if there happens to be a 4 by 2 available if charm does not pacify the opponents raging spirit.
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