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Re: spirtuality in the dojo

We don't promote anything called "spirituality" in our dojo. Our sensei are not spiritual teachers or qualified to teach esoteric practices, and they don't pretend to be. We have members who follow many different spiritual traditions: various flavors of Christians, observant Jews, Muslims, a couple different flavors of Buddhists. By that I don't mean that these people are nominally members of some religious denomination; I'm thinking specifically of people who have a conscious and deliberate spiritual practice, not just those who show up at a house of worship and expect something to happen. So, as a dojo I guess you'd say that we have an established practice of pursuing spiritual paths outside the dojo.

I didn't join aikido for spiritual practice; like others in the dojo, my spiritual practice is elsewhere. I'm of the belief that if you want to get to Los Angeles, your best bet is to get on a plane or a train or a boat or a bus that's going to Los Angeles, or point your nose in that direction and start walking or bicycling or roller skating or whatever...not to head for London and hope that gene pirates cosh you on the head in Heathrow and stuff you into a suitcase that's going to Krasnoyarsk, only it gets stolen by Catalan separatists who believe that it's a shipment of uranium, and when they discover you they dump you out of a helicopter somewhere over the Mediterranean, but you're saved by dolphins who convey you to a Carnival Cruise liner that is wrecked on the reefs of Bermuda when the captain tries a close pass while showing off for his girlfriend, and you're rescued by a tramp freighter out of Hamilton harbor whose next stop just happens to be Los Angeles. I would not go to a dojo looking for something other than martial arts training, no matter how many movies I'd seen that suggests that such things could be found there.
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