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if you are just getting thrown around becasue of someones ego or temper then that is bad training. osme people may come out by saying that they learn alot from such encounters and maybe as a once off it is true but in the long term i doubt that is is a effective learning environment
As someone who has done a lot of teaching, I think it's important to distinguish between a good learning environment, and an environment in which something (good) can be learned. People can learn a lot, including some good things, from being in a bad situation. It doesn't logically follow, however, that if you put someone in a bad situation, they'll learn a lot, or that even if they do, it's a net positive. Put simply, a bad situation is costly to the person who is in it. If you find some money, that's a good thing, but if you found it because you crashed your car and five years worth of loose pocket change came rolling out of the wreckage, I don't think you'd say, "Aha! Most excellent! Everybody, go crash your car, you'll get money!"

Andrew Macdonald wrote: View Post
one the other hand if some one is being tough on you in order to push your limits and help you reach high goals then this is an excellant method of training
I disagree. You might say that the teacher's motivations are good in that situation, but are their methods? That rather depends on their judgment, and on a sensible definition of the buzzphrase "push your limits". There are ways not to push and limits to leave alone.
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