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Re: spirtuality in the dojo

For me, the distinction between spirituality and religion is not entirely clear. From what I find, distinguishing between spirituality and religion seems to originate in 20th century America (for example here or here). I have no idea whether my teacher is religious himself. I know of one hindu student and one atheist and there are probably christians in our class. The teacher of my teacher is a zen abbot.

I do think that our dojo tries to instill a specific mental / emotional state where aikido seems to work better. I understand that practise like that may seem similar to some spiritual practise and that it could be percieved as promoting some specific morality. But I don't see it as something spiritual. Anyway IMO this topic touches what Carsten adressed here. I also am not aware of social, political or religious views being adressed in our aikido classes.

Does meditiation have to be spiritual? To me it seems more like mental practise.

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