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Re: Did aikido ever fail you?

Jaredd Wilson wrote: View Post
I know this is full of aikidoka (myself included), but you guys are defensive. What I'm asking about is a learning experience. I've only had two hapenstances where aikido was used by myself, and I wanted to know if any had had an encounter where they went "Damn, that didn't work the way I wanted it to. Why didn't it work?" That's all. I'm not attacking the integrity of the martial art, it's purpose in the world, or its relevance. Yes I know its about the training. I'm trying to engage in a dialogue with like minded individuals who differ in experience from me.

Or could it be that we are just superior, and never engage in conflict?
I don't see anyone being defensive. Maybe you should reword your question as I see it has been answered many times. The common theme being that most learned it didn't work because they didn't apply well. Same with getting a maths question wrong or anything else.

A good understanding of anything never fails you so that is the only lesson to be learned really.

By the way, every time I have used it and it hasn't failed I have learned something new also.

Thus learning isn't through failure but through humility.

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